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#218 10.05.2017 - 03:45 Uhr Magda Email
Dear folks,This is a (way too long) process comment about how to deal with a friend who’s had an experience that left them unhappy, angry, traumatized, whatever. It doesn’t have to be sexual harassment, or even sexual. It might be a battering, it might be getting beaten up and robbed, it might be getting bullied at school, it might be as “little” as having a really shitty day with their boss at work. Imagine yourself sitting down with such a friend, maybe just you and them, maybe with a few mutual friends. Really, imagine that. There you are all around a table, sipping a cup of tea or having a stiff drink or whatever, talking to your friend who has just reported to you having an exceedingly unpleasant experience.First, you walk carefully, because you don’t know what THEY need, and this is about THEM, not YOU. You might consider starting with the Ms Manner-ish, “Oh dear, that clearly was horrible for you. I am so, so sorry you had to go through that.” Accompanied by a pat on the hand if appropriate.Assuming they are someone you care about, this is guaranteed to be a 100 true statement. You are talking about their feelings. You are not judging or evaluating what happened. You may not at that point what happened. Or any other “sides” to the story. That is irrelevant. You’re addressing the factual matter of how they feel.Which takes me to my next point. It is never appropriate to demand details of what happened to them. Some people feel better talking an incident out. Others would much rather not have to relive it and explain it in detail to someone else. There is a way to handle that. Which is to ask! “Would you feel better talking about this?” If they choose not to, respect that.Something that is not going to go over well around that hypothetical table: making the conversation about you. Any version of “Well, I would’ve handled it differently, but that’s just me,” unless it has been solicited. Really, think about it, think about you and your friends around that table. The best way it’s going to be perceived is as descriptive, in which case you’ve dragged the conversation away from the person who’s been victimized to make it about YOUR experience. That is how it will be perceived, regardless of how you mean it to be perceived. That’s a guarantee, unless you have been directly asked.And if you mean it to be descriptive, or if it’s simply taken that way, well, you just told the person who was victimized that they handled it wrong. That’s probably not what they’re wanting or needing to hear at that moment. (Ya think?!) Regardless of whether or not you think it to be true.I’m going to trust that everyone here is perceptive enough to tell whether any of this might apply to their comments and behavior. No names, no finger-pointing.– – –Now, some (hopefully briefer) comments on content. Elise wrote an essay about how to handle a sexual harassment situation in a way that has a hope of shutting down a serial harasser so they do not pray on others. She used her experience as a springboard, but it was not about her experience especially, nor at all about how she individually would fend such a person off. It was how to solve a larger social problem. If your proposed way of handling this doesn’t address that larger problem, it is fatally off-topic.I can think of several rather obvious reasons why Elise might not want to give you details. The first is that it distracts from the issue. She’s not focusing on an incident of harassment, she’s talking about a larger prevention issue.That one I’m pretty certain of. Now I get speculative, because really I haven’t asked Elise her particular reasons. But again, put yourself back around that table with a friend who has had the unpleasant experience. How much do you think they would be inclined to explain and relive the details to a large audience, where it could be guaranteed that a certain percentage would misinterpret it, distort it, deny it, demand to hear the “other side,” blow it out of proportion, and otherwise challenge her experience and cross-examine her over every misplaced participle. Doesn’t that just sound like a whole load of fun for her?Even in as civilized a corner of it as John’s, that is the world of the InterWebs. We’ve already seen it in this comment thread, even when Elise has done her best to write about a different topic and not provide any details of the incident, and totally none about how she fended it off. There are people trying to assert that she must somehow have it wrong about what happened, even when she’s told us nothing.Why would you expect your friend to want to go through that, especially when it is not even to the point of what she is trying to address?Don’t get me wrong, I understand how we all like to dish, how we all want to hear the dirt. God knows, I have more than my share of prurient interest. I do want to know all the details.Sometimes, though, (dammit) it isn’t about me.pax / Ctein

#217 21.04.2017 - 19:51 Uhr Johnathan Winget Email
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#216 21.04.2017 - 19:03 Uhr Reuben Brannigan Email
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